Frequently Asked Questions

February 11th, 2017

What is a designer?
A designer is a problem solver.
A designer asks questions. A good one should ask a lot of ’em.
A designer works towards set goals.
A designer researches your problems to help deliver what you need (this may not necessarily be the same as what you want).
A designer is a salesperson—they help your business make money.
A designer just makes things look nice.
A designer is an airey-fairy creative.
A designer can change the world.

How much will a new website cost?
This varies depending on what you need your website to do. Websites come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s like buying a car: are you shopping for a Mini, Ferrari or Hummer?

How much do you charge to design a logo?
Same as above… How long is a piece of string?

I’ll need to know more about what you need before I can give you an estimate.

Email me → and we can get started

I need to make my website mobile friendly, can you help?
Yes, certainly! But first I need to ask some questions.

Email me → and we can get started.

Why should I tell you my budget?
I’m not trying to rip you off. I want to be realistic about what you can get for your money. Let’s bring back the car analogy, I’m not going to try and sell you a Porsche 911 if you can only afford a Nissan Micra.

What’s your hourly rate?
This varies depending on the project and client.

‘What!?’ I hear you cry. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to over-charge you, I just base my pricing on the value you will gain from my work. Hourly rates benefit no-one, so let’s kick them into touch, starting now.

Please tell me more about what you need and I can give you an estimate for your project → Better still, tell me your budget.

Why do I need to pay you a deposit before you start work?
This deposit is to secure my time which I’ve allocated to spend working on your project.

It also helps to cover any costs to get the project up and running.

You’re an independent/freelance designer. What does that mean?
As a freelance designer I get to pick and choose my clients. I am a design studio of one. A lone wolf. A one man band. Except when you want to throw a party so I get to invite my friends to the gig.

This is a metaphor for the role of a freelancer. From time to time you may need to bring in a third party who specialises in other fields such as photography, copywriting, development or marketing.

Freelancers also get to work with different people across different industries. We don’t rely on one client for work, which keeps us on our toes and stops our minds (and work) getting too entrenched in one approach to a problem.

OK we need to buy us some design. We’d love to work with you, when can we start?
Great stuff, that’s what I wanna hear!

But before we get started, guess what? I’ll need to ask a few questions.

Don’t worry it’s not many, but I want to make sure we’re the right fit for each other, and that I can help you get what you need and not waste anyone’s time.

Email me → and we can get started.